Sense-Tex fabrics for Healthcare offer numerous health-enhancing benefits, including antiseptic abilities, a beneficial thermal reaction, and an anti-mold feature that provides a luxurious feel akin to vegan cashmere.

Through integration with Vitals Trak, a sensor solution developed by our collaborator Vitalprobe Inc., Sense-Tex fabrics can measure various health parameters, similar to a smartwatch.

Some of the parameters that Vitals Trak can measure include:

  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Real-time ECG streaming
  • Respiration Rate (RR)
  • Skin Temperature
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Activities: Walking, Sitting, Lying down, etc.
  • Body Position
  • Core Body Temperature (Requires optional enclosure & belt)
  • Humidity


By providing real-time data, Vitals Trak enables users to gain insight into their body’s functioning, allowing them to make adjustments to improve their physical and psychological well-being. It also facilitates continuous remote monitoring of vitals, offering real-time clinical intelligence. Vitals Trak is an invaluable tool for healthcare providers, including e-clinics and hospice care facilities. Additionally, it ensures access to quality healthcare in remote areas, small towns, and villages.

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