A world without textiles is hardly imaginable. We all come in touch with them, in every situation of our lives. As it stands now, the textile industry is one of the most significant sectors in the global economy, securing income for millions of people. But, the take-make-dispose model has alarming negative environmental and humanitarian consequences.

Today, greenhouse gas emissions from textile production count for 1.2 billion tonnes yearly. That surpasses all international airways and maritime transport combined. The Textile industry faces vast environmental, societal, and humanitarian challenges in the upcoming 5-10 years. The overconsumption, overproduction, and overuse of natural resources have gotten us to the point where very soon, we are only going to be able to provide textile to a third of the earth’s population.

A Silence-Culture has long over-shadowed the textile industry, as no solution so far has been able to solve the challenges long-term. Transforming the textile industry though requires system-level change with total commitment and innovation.

We initiated the TT Project because of our love for the craft and heritage of making clothes as fashion is an integral part of self-expression. In a world without textiles, all of this will be lost. Our innovation outlines a vision and a way for fashion to continue to exist and be consumed. We emphasize innovation as an integral part of a new textile economy where clothes, textiles, and fibers enter a no-waste cycle.

Meet Our Expert Team

Behind every story is a person, and at TT AB we are blessed to be working with a wide range of specialists in various areas to help form the future of the textile industry together.




Executive Advisor


Executive Advisor

Nils Owe Engström


Marcelo Boldt