Company Info

Transforming Textiles AB was founded on December 21st, 2020 by Sara Rosberg. In 2021, Marcelo Bolt, a Space Engineer, joined the company as the Head of Technical Development. Together, they embarked on a journey to create an innovative smart textile solution.

Following the successful completion of the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Sara collaborated with Tahir Haytoglu, the Supply Chain Manager in Turkey, to further research and develop the textile manufacturing process for Sense-Tex. This collaboration led to partnerships with major textile factories in Turkey that produce for renowned global brands, solidifying Transforming Textiles AB’s position in the textile industry.

The initial MVP prototype, a result of Sara and Marcelo’s collaborative efforts, combined advanced sensor technology with high-performance threads and textiles. By leveraging the innate antiseptic and exoskeleton properties of these textiles, they were able to collect valuable data from custom sensors and enhance it through near real-time satellite communication infrastructure.

In the next phase of product development, Transforming Textiles AB integrated the patented Vitals Traks sensor solution (by Vitalprobe) into their processes, replacing the use of custom sensors. This phase also involved the development of Sense-Tex Yarn-thread technology and the establishment of manufacturing processes across three different factories in Turkey, ensuring chemical-free production of the new yarn technology.

IDEON Innovation Incubation Period

In September 2022, Transforming Textiles AB was admitted into the BUILD program and relocated its office to IDEON Science Park/Innovation in Lund, Sweden. This strategic move aimed to secure investments and propelled the company towards the next phase of product development.


Our commitment to ensuring the safety of individuals led us to conduct SEM test analyses through Swerim, analysing the material on a micro level.

We also preformed several chemical tests as well as ISO quality and safety tests through Mesurlabs in Finland. Please read more on www.sense-tex.com.

We also conducted testbeds on humans in a gym, with a personal trainer present to analyse the performance, comfort, and behaviour of Sense-Tex in practical environments.

These tests confirm that the materials and conductors used in our products do not pose any harm. Moving forward, we plan to establish a formal Testbed and a long-term Virus research project in collaboration with Aerosol Labs to test different virus strains and environments for the material.

Certification Friend of Sea/Earth

Transforming Textiles AB has a strong commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. We are proud to be associated with organizations like Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth, which share our values and goals. Friend of the Sea, a non-governmental organization established in 2008, focuses on safeguarding the marine environment and its resources. Their approach involves promoting a sustainable market and implementing targeted conservation projects.

By incentivizing sustainable practices, Friend of the Sea contributes to the preservation of our precious oceans. On the other hand, Friend of the Earth operates a certification program specifically tailored to products from sustainable agriculture and farming. Over time, this certification has expanded to cover a wider range of products and services that meet stringent sustainability requirements. This demonstrates the organization’s dedication to promoting sustainability in various sectors.

Both organizations set forth requirements for certification, which are classified as Essential or Recommendations based on their level of importance. Essential requirements are mandatory for certification, and a company must achieve 100% conformity to these requirements. In the event of non-conformity, the company is required to propose effective corrective actions within three weeks. This proposal should include a declaration of intents and an implementation plan, along with a timetable for each corrective measure. The company must fully implement these corrective actions within the following 12 months, which will be verified during the surveillance audit.

On the other hand, compliance with recommendations is not mandatory for certification. However, during the audit, any deficiencies in meeting the recommendations will be included in the Audit Report as recommendations. The company is expected to inform the certification body about any corrective measures implemented during the subsequent audit. At Transforming Textiles AB, we strive to exceed both the essential requirements and recommendations set forth by these organizations. Our commitment to sustainability is not only about certification but about making a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.